Windows 10 22H2 Update

Without Tearing Your Hair Out

Windows 10 22H2 Update

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Just in case you missed it, Microsoft released Windows 10 version 22H2 in October 2022.

This is the 13th update that makes small improvements to Windows 10.

If you’re an enterprise user, then I don’t expect that your IT department will catch up with this upgrade anytime soon.

Not a big issue since enterprise customers who are in Microsoft’s long-term servicing channel, still get support on all versions of Windows 10.

But not all Windows 10 customers are and do.

So, if you're working in a small business without dedicated IT support or are a home user who manages your IT, then you should check the version of Windows 10, you are currently using.

How the hell do you do that?

Simply press the Windows Key + R, type Winver in the box, and then press enter.

Before you ask, no it does not work on a Mac 😂

The latest Windows 10 version is available as a direct upgrade from versions 21H2, 21H1, and 20H2 through an enablement package.

Older versions of Windows 10 can upgrade to version 22H2 using reinstallation.

Don't worry, your data and programs should not be deleted if you do the reinstallation using the Windows Update Assistant. But you always should have a backup anyway, before doing any major upgrades or updates.

Just as I saw the upgrade was available yesterday, I checked my daughter's gaming PC and saw that Windows updates were failing and a manual upgrade to 22H2 would not work.

Worst of all, the system was still on version 1903.

Unfortunately, version 1903 has not been supported since December 8, 2020.

Was that such a big deal?

That depends on how the PC was used, whether it had good anti-malware and many other factors. But not good really.

So, what if you are still on an old unsupported version of Windows 10 and you are stuck in a broken Windows update loop?

The best solution is to run the Windows Update Assistant which downloads the full Windows 10 22H2 installer onto your hard disk. No need to create a DVD or USB flash drive installer.

It’s a big download, and it will probably take an hour to run and install.

But please do a backup first.

In my opinion, if you manage your IT, it's the simplest, cleanest, least stressful way of getting from an old version like 1903 to 22H2. But by all means do it a harder way if you prefer.

And finally, if you are an enterprise user, you'll need to wait for your rocket scientists to come and install it for you.

Or better still, in case they have forgotten, ask them when you are getting 22H2.